For patients & family members

Wishing to remain at home with an incurable, advanced disease with limited life expectancy?

The specialised outpatient palliative care team (SAPV) offers special care in cooperation with general practitioners and specialists, nursing services and nursing homes in order to fulfill the wish for care at home until the end.

We provide … medical / nursing support through symptom-relieving therapies. Organizationally creating, expanding upon and/or coordinating a supply network through supportive discussions with you as a patient and your relatives. Your fears, wishes and needs are the focus of our care. You are not left alone in this difficult situation. SAPV is a supplement care provided by a general practitioner or a nursing service.

Our services in specialised palliative care
for patients and family members

Who is entitled to
specialised outpatient
palliative care?

Since 2007, both those with statutory and private health insurance have been entitled to SAPV if they suffer from an incurable, advanced disease with a limited life expectancy and require particularly complex care. We advise those with private health insurance to discuss the assumption of costs with their insurance company in advance.

How to access SAPV services

Specialised outpatient palliative care must be prescribed by your doctor or the hospital. The document “Form 63” is required for this. You can download the sample 63 and the corresponding completion guide here.

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