The Outpatient
Palliative Team
in Freising

About us


We care for patients with advanced illnesses in their familiar surroundings

The SAPV team in Freising offers intensive care by a specialised team consisting of doctors from various disciplines with additional qualifications in palliative medicine as well as nursing staff with specializing in 'palliative care'. We aim to fulfill the frequent wish to avoid hospitalisation, with the first priority of care being symptom relief and preserving the autonomy of our patients.


For life until the end

Every person has his or her own view on life, individual needs and wishes, but also his or her own fears. Respecting this – regardless of gender and orientation, religion, age, nationality, social status – and doing our best to respond to it as a caring SAPV team means preserving the autonomy of seriously ill and dying people. The self-determination of our patients is our highest priority. With careful respect for individual life, we want to make dying in dignity possible.

It is important to us that every patient is accompanied holistically in the last phase of life – physically, psychologically, spiritually and socially. We can alleviate physical suffering and pain. We address the fears of patients and their confidants in different ways to make the inevitable dying process as bearable as possible. There is space and time for ‘what was there’, for ‘what is coming’, and there is time and space for your loved ones. It is important to us to involve relatives and loved ones in our psychosocial support. We create a safety net so that no one is left alone with fears or needs. We explain what the last phase of life entails in order to make it easier for people to accept dying as a part of life.

Dying, death and mourning are part of life – this is an important guiding principle of the ‘Charter for the Care of Seriously Ill and Dying People in Germany’. We would like to contribute to anchoring this sentence in social consciousness.

We accompany you

Our SAPV team

Our outpatient team is made up of doctors from various specialities with the additional qualification of palliative medicine. All our nursing staff have the additional qualification of ‘Palliative Care’. Beyond our core team, there is close cooperation with physiotherapy specialists, social work, pastoral care, grief counselling and psychologists as well as with various therapies.


Dr. med. Sven Michels

Medical Director
Palliative physician, specialist in urology

Dr. med. Cordula Tüllmann

Deputy medical director
Palliative physician, specialist in urology

Dr. med. Anton Frey

Palliative physician, specialist in anaesthesiology

Dr. med. Irmgard Frey

Palliative physician, specialist in anaesthesiology

Dr. med. Regina Mehltretter

Palliative physician, specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine

Sonja Koblbauer

Palliative physician, specialist in anaesthesia and emergency medicine

Nursing staff

Rita Blüschke

Nursing management
Palliative care specialist

Katja Götz

Palliative care specialist

Michaela Schollerer

Palliative care specialist

Angelika Kolb

Palliative care specialist

Gabriela Hutter

Palliative care specialist

Budimirka Mijovic

Palliative care specialist

Claudia Riebe

Palliative care specialist

Inga Thoma

Palliative care specialist


Melanie Bauer

Commercial management
Certified business administrator IHK
Authorised signatory

Sandra Damke

Administrative staff

Veronika Franz

Administrative staff

Nicole Bauer

Administrative staff


Petra Waldhör

Managing Director
M.Sc. (Palliative Care)
Palliative Care Specialist

Milestones in the accompaniment

Our path as the SAPV team Freising.
Our goal: For life until the end.


Gründung Ambulantes Palliativ-Team Freising gGmbH
Notar Bruno Geßele
Ärztliche Leitung:
Eva Pröscholdt Graupner
Pflegerische Leitung: Petra Waldhör

Juni 2017

Unterschrift der 'Charta zur Betreuung schwerstkranker und sterbender Menschen'.

Oktober 2019

Ärztlicher Führungswechsel
Frau Dr. Möller wird ärztliche Leitung,
Frau Eva Pröscholdt Graupner geht in Ruhestand.

Januar 2020

Wechsel der Geschäftsführung
Petra Waldhör übernimmt, Bruno Geßele geht in Ruhestand.

April 2020

Wechsel der Pflegedienstleitung
Petra Waldhör übergibt an Rita Blüschke.

2020 - 2021

Die Gründung von 'Krisen ZiB – Zeitintensive Betreuung im Pflegeheim' untertützt die stationären Pflegeheime mit zusätzlicher Betreuungszeit für schwerkranke und sterbende Menschen in der Corona-Zeit.

2021 - 2022

Start des 'ZiB Projektes'
'Zeitintensive Betreung im Pflegeheim' als Modellversuch für eine generelle Unterstützung stationärer Pflege-Institutionen. Wissenschaftlich begleitet und möglich gemacht durch das 'Bayerische Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege', der 'Stiftung Zukunft Mensch' sowie der 'Paula-Kubitscheck-Vogel-Stiftung'.
>>, 12.11.2021


Gründung des 'Steuerkreises' für den Aufbau eines Hospiz- und Palliativversorgungsnetzwerkes
Beteiligt: Ambulantes Palliativ-Team Freising gGmbH, Charlotte und Carl Georg Maier-Stiftung, GesundheitsregionPlus Freising, Hospizgruppe Freising e.V., Klinikum Freising GmbH, Sophienhospiz gGmbH.

September 2022

September 2022

Gemeinsame Unterzeichnung der 'Charta zur Betreuung schwerstkranker und sterbender Menschen' durch den 'Steuerungskreis'.
>> Süddeutsche Zeitung, 8.9.2022


Auftakt für das 'Hospiz- und Palliativ-Verorgungsnetzwerk' Region Freising – HPVN im Landratsamt. Das SAPV-Team Freising ist Gründungsmitglied.
>> Freisinger Tagblatt, 03.03.2023

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