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The SAPV team Freising is a non-profit company. We are committed to enabling dying under dignified conditions. We are socially committed to the ‘Charter for the Care of Seriously Ill and Dying People in Germany’ ensuring that due attention is paid to the topics of dying, death and mourning as part of life. Although health insurance companies generally cover the costs of ‘specialised outpatient palliative care’, these services are often not sufficient to ensure versatile and individual care for those affected and their families. Therefore, the ‘Outpatient Palliative Team Freising’ is additionally dependent on support. We guarantee the use of every donation exclusively for our charitable goal ‘For life until the end’. We will gladly issue a donation receipt upon request. Thank you very much

We thank our

• Paula Kubitscheck-Vogel-Stiftung, Bad Waldsee
• Charlotte und Carl Georg Maier-Stiftung, Fahrenzhausen
• Freisinger Bank eG Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank
• Stiftung Zukunft Mensch

Successful vehicle donation

From the ‘Freisinger Tagblatt’ v. 19/07/2018 >> Successful fundraising campaign on Freising bank platform – PALLIATIVE TEAM NOW REALLY GETS GOING Freising/Achering It was barely four months ago. At that time, the Freising outpatient palliative team, in cooperation with the Freisinger Bank, asked the Freising population for donations via their donation platform “Viele schaffen mehr”. The money is to be used to purchase the urgently needed transport vehicle, which is urgently needed to care for terminally ill people in Freising and the district.   The Freisinger Bank laid the foundation for the investment with a donation of 12,000 euros. The

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