Palliative care

Clarification of terms

Palliative care - what is it?

Palliative care is aimed at people with a severe, progressive, incurable disease for which no treatment can lead to recovery. In this special, holistic care, the focus is now on alleviating distressing symptoms such as pain, in which psychosocial and sometimes even spiritual support can play a role. Palliative care is primarily based on individual needs and wishes of patients in their life situation. The aim is to optimise or maintain the patients' and their relatives' well-being and quality of life as best as possible.

What does palliative care mean?

Outpatient palliative care means that supportive measures take place at home or in familiar surroundings, such as a nursing home or a hospice. General outpatient palliative care (AAPV) is part of the standard care of the German healthcare system and is provided by general practitioners, specialists, nursing services and /or social services. Sometimes an outpatient hospice service provides support.

What is specialised outpatient palliative care?

Specialised outpatient palliative care (SAPV) is a customized outpatient, specialised medical and nursing care for patients who suffer from particularly distressing symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, distressing nausea and vomiting or anxiety, for which the general care provided by AAPV is not sufficient. The services of SAPV primarily serve to alleviate symptoms: through the provision of medication or other measures such as pain management, palliative medical treatment using specialized equipment (medication pump), counselling and coordination in the case of wounds, bleeding, etc. … Our support is mainly aimed at patients in the advanced stages of tumour disease, disease of the cardiovascular system, disease of the respiratory tract or nervous system, or a neurological disease with complex symptoms.


Sphere of action

Here we work

Our area of operation includes the city of Freising extending to the entire district of Freising.

Our work is focused on home visits. After consultation with the attending physician, we care for palliative patients in inpatient care facilities or in other care facilities and forms of housing.

Towns within our service area by name (may not be complete):
Allershausen, Attenkirchen, Au i. d. Hallertau, Eching, Fahrenzhausen, Freising, Gammelsdorf, Haag an der Amper, Hallbergmoos, Hörgertshausen, Hohenkammer, Kirchdorf an der Amper, Kranzberg, Langenbach, Marzling, Mauern, Moosburg, Nandlstadt, Neufahrn, Paunzhausen, Rudelzhausen, Rummelsbach, Wang, Wolfersdorf, Zolling and many more.

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