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The SAPV team Freising complements your medical expertise when a patient's home care becomes particularly complex and time-consuming.

You also treat patients with an incurable, advanced disease with limited life expectancy. These are diseases that require particularly complex care, e.g. with pronounced symptoms. In such cases, our SAPV team is happy to support you and your patients by medically alleviating and monitoring the symptoms, in an advisory capacity and, last but not least, psychosocially supporting patients and those close to them. By outsourcing this time consuming care, you free up significant time to focus on your other work and responsibilities.

Services for doctors
in 'outpatient specialised palliative care'.

Specialised care for patients with advanced tumours or end-stage internal or neurological diseases, so that hospital admissions can often be avoided.

In consultation with you: Treatment of distressing and difficult-to-control symptoms that require close monitoring of therapy (pain, breathlessness, nausea, vomiting, cerebral seizures.

Outpatient punctures(ascites) at the patient's site.

We organise and coordinate the entire palliative care network and thus offer security of comprehensive care for patients.

We relieve your workload with our 24-hour on-call service for patients.

As SAPV, we can prescribe all medicines, painkillers, dressings, aids or physiotherapy relevant to palliative care and offer parenteral drug therapy through the use of drug pumps.

REGULATION on 'Specialised outpatient palliative care'.

For our services to be available to the patient, the SAPV service must be prescribed by the treating physician as consultation/coordination or partial care in Form 63.

Prescriptions can be invoiced with item 01425 (follow-up prescription item 01426).
We will be happy to assist you with the preparation of the prescription, or you can simply use our help guide help (also available in the download area).

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