Successful vehicle donation

19. July 2018

From the ‘Freisinger Tagblatt’ v. 19/07/2018 >>

Successful fundraising campaign on Freising bank platform –

It was barely four months ago. At that time, the Freising outpatient palliative team, in cooperation with the Freisinger Bank, asked the Freising population for donations via their donation platform “Viele schaffen mehr”. The money is to be used to purchase the urgently needed transport vehicle, which is urgently needed to care for terminally ill people in Freising and the district.


The Freisinger Bank laid the foundation for the investment with a donation of 12,000 euros. The remaining 9,000 euros had to be raised via the donation portal project. With the support of the Freisinger Tagblatt and Radio Top FM, the appeal for donations spread like wildfire among the population. The topic touched the hearts of the citizens and the donation pot filled up rapidly. The outstanding amount was reached before the end of the project.

Petra Waldhör, palliative care specialist, nursing director and co-initiator of the project is thrilled: “It is simply wonderful that we were able to move so many citizens to support us and thus many people in difficult times. Many create more – that absolutely sums it up.” Her big thanks went to each and every person who took part in the fundraising campaign, as well as to Bianca Krumpholz, Strategic Marketing Officer, and Karin Weber, Marketing Officer, who were very involved in the project.
The official handover of the spacious Renault Capture to the managing director of the SAPV team, Bruno Geßele, and Petra Waldhör was carried out by Reinhard Schwaiger, chairman of the board, and Andrea Strommel, board advisor, on behalf of all donors involved in the campaign at the Müller car dealership in Achering. …


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